Habituated with the period of Occultation


Answer to the entire question is that we have solidified the period of occultation, the darkness and the oppression in it! For that we become attracted to the darkness and the oppression to the extent we became habituated with it. Habit attains the strength for attracting one to either good or bad attitude without intending it.

For one to become habituated with anything that draws him, just like ones instinct and nature to the extent one will be as if he does not possess volition to against it. God has given the same strength to the habit and custom till it draw you to offer good thing or to abstain from bad deed without intending it. In this respect the commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) has counted custom to be the second nature, and said:
custom is the second nature.[1]

This statement never the less is precise but it contains an important facts, base on what the Imam said: custom stimulates one just like the nature and instinct stimulates.

It is necessary for everyone to benefit from this great strength in an exalted and authentic ambition and to abstain from polluting of oneself with bad custom.

Very unfortunate our community has become habituated with bad custom both individually and collectively due to absence of good leader to lead the society towards laudable ethics and exalted rank of humanity. The collective custom is stronger than that of individual custom as it is very easy to draw some people to what the society is habituated with!

Habituated with the occurrence and happenings on people and the patient with it without thinking of the future and the coming of the savior is the worst societal custom that the communities are afflicted with!

Even though the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) and the Ahlulbayt has explained issues concerning ‘Anticipation’ i.e. the coming of Imam Mahdi and has encouraged people to that and they have announced that it is permissible for you to be in anxiety and be patient, this explanation of theirs has led people to the future luminous that shall come out.

Very unfortunate, those whose duty is to explain this issue to people has refrained from their duties and they did not struggle to reach the future east which have prolong the period of occultation.

Up till now a lot of individuals are still accustoming to negligence regards the reappearance of the great friend of God (may our soul be sacrificed for him) and has inherited it from their forefathers. In a nutshell our community needs to move towards exalted degree, though if people abstain from their bad custom and engage themselves with humanity, they will surely elevate to an exalted degree.

Our master, the commander of the faithful (peace be upon him) said:
To subdue one’s custom will elevate him to a noble rank.[2]

It is necessary for our community to leave in a state of anticipation and pray for the reappearance of the world saviour our master, the leader of the time (may Allah hasten his reappearance) and refrain from our old custom that is negligence of the existence of darkness during the occultation period! We should pray earnestly to Almighty Allah for the quick reappearance of the Just government of Mahdism.
[1] – Sharhi Gurar Al-hikma 1: 185.
[2] – Sharh Gurar Al-Hikam 3: 229.


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