4 signs of Reappearance in the Holy Month of Ramadhan

4 Signs of Reappearance in the Holy Month of Ramadhan

The Call from the Sky

“The Qaim (aj) will not reappear until an announcement in his name is made from the sky on Friday eve, the 23rd of the month of Ramadan… His name will be announced with that of his father’s that so an so, son of so and so is the Qaim Aale Muhammad (as). Listen to him and obey him. Then there would not remain any living thing but that it would hear that call. The announcement would be so loud that sleeping people would wake up and come out in their courtyards. Rather the veiled ladies would also be brought out. Upon hearing this, Qaim (aj) will rise up. And this announcement would be made by Jibraeel.”

Imam Jaffer as Sadiq (as)

Mikyalul Makarim Vol 2

The Call of Iblees (shaitan)

” These two calls must occur before the appearance of al-Qaim. One will be from the heavens calling out the name of al-Qaim and the name of his father. It will be the call of Jibraeel. The other will be from the Earth and it will be the call of Iblees calling out the name of someone claiming that he has been killed unjustly just to create sedition among the people. Obey the first call and beware of being deceived by the second one.”

Imam Ali ar Redha (as)

Mikyalul Makarim Vol 2

The Lunar & Solar Eclipse

Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa’eed narrated from Ali bin al-Hasan at-Taymali from Ahmad and Muhammad, the sons of al-Hasan, from their father from Tha’laba bin Maymoon that Badr bin alKhaleel al-Asadi had said: “Once I was with Abu Ja’far al-Baqir (as) and he said that two signs would appear before the appearance of al-Qa’im that had never appeared since Allah had sent Adam down to the earth. He said that the sun would be eclipsed in the middle of Ramadan and the moon would be eclipsed in the end of Ramadan. A man said: “O son of the messenger of Allah, it is the moon that will be eclipsed in the middle of Ramadan and the sun will be eclipsed in the end of it.”

Abu Ja’far al-Baqir (as) said: “I do know what I say. They are two signs that have never occurred since Adam (as) has descended to the earth.”

Al-Kafi, vol.8 p.212

Emergence of the People of the Cave

“…and the caller will call out in the month of Ramadan from the east at dawn: O people of guidance, come together: and a caller will announce from the west after the disappearance of the glow from the horizon: O people of falsehood, come together. And the next day at the time of reappearance the color of the Sun will be changed from red to yellow, after that it will become black and dark. On the third day the Almighty Allah will separate the truth and falsehood from each other and the walker of the Earth will emerge. The Romans till the youths of the cave will come forward. So the Almighty Allah will bring them out of their cave along with their dog. One of them is named Maleekha and one is named Hamlaha and they shall be the two Muslim witnesses for the Qaim (aj).

Imam Ali (as)

Mikyalul Makarim Vol 2

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