Anticipating the Relief or Believing in it


Anticipating for the coming of Imam doesn’t mean preparation to perceive the reappearance only but in addition to that one need to ponder and have the hope of perceiving it.

It is possible for a lot of people to prepare for a guest but he may decide not to invite any guest and may also not be anticipating for any guest. Such person will not be refer to as someone expecting guest even though it is possible for him to receive a guest, because he is not expecting a guest and he will not be grief if the guest didn’t arrive.

It is obvious from our statement that purifying the soul will not be completed if we are heedless of the coming day when the world will be freed from oppression. Those who did not notice he had ignored an important duty i.e. anticipation for the purification of this world and movement towards this exalted destination.

In another expression: Indeed reforming the soul will not reach its perfection until one has the view of reforming the whole world and whoever struggle to reform himself should be in expectation of the reappearance of the reformer of the world and should not be contented with only believing in it.

To this respect one should be aware that there is difference between anticipating for the coming of Imam and believing in it, because all the Shi’a and even other Religion believe on the coming of the reformer of this world to fill it with Justice and equity but not every body having this believe are anticipating for his coming.

The person who is anticipating in addition to his believe, is he who is expecting to perceive the period of reappearance of the Imam and act base on his hope and his anticipation.

The reported narrations in praise of the period of anticipation is an evidence supporting the importance of having hope in occurrence of relief and perceiving the reappearance of the awaiting Imam (may our soul be sacrificed for him) because if there is no hope and anticipation and people are despairs in reaching the period of reappearance, how will they act base on the traditions teaching hope and anticipation?!

In addition to having the believe of reappearance of the awaiting Imam and preparation to its obtainment, the duty of each an everyone is to ponder over the reappearance and to be of the hope of obtaining it and to believe that it will occur, hence he should supplicates to obtain it with good health.
Be aware that Allah does what ever he wishes


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