Dua after Every Prayer

Imam Jawad (peace be upon him) said: recite the following supplication when you finish your compulsory prayers:

I am contented with Allah as my Lord, with Islam as my faith, with the Qur’an as my book, and with Muhammad peace and blessings upon him and his progeny as my Prophet, and with Ali as my master, and with Hassan and Husayn, and with Ali ibn Husayn, and with Muhammad ibn Ali, and with Ja’far ibn Muhammad, and with Musa ibn Ja’far, and with Ali ibn Musa, and with Muhammad ibn Ali, and with Ali ibn Muhammad, and with Hassan ibn Ali, and with the Hujja ibn Hassan as my Imams.

O Allah your vicegerent is the Hujja so protect him from his front, and from behind, from his right and from his left, from above and from below, and prolong for him his life, and make him the one who rises up and establishes your will, and make him the victor for your religion, show him that which he loves and that which will delight him in himself and in his progeny, and in his kin and his possessions, and in his followers and his enemies, and show them through him what they fear, and show him through them that which he loves and delights him, and through him cure our chests and the chests of the believing people.



Translated by Sheikh Ali al Salemi