Revival Of The Command Of The Purified Imams (as)


This prayer is revival of the command of the Infallible Imams (as). This much honor is sufficient for the people of certainty that they make special arrangement for this Dua. Some traditions recorded on this subject are as follows:

1. In Usool Kafi through an authentic chain of narrators it is related from Khatheema that he said:

I went to say farewell to Imam Abu Ja’far Baqir (as). His Eminence said: “O Khatheema convey salutations to any of our friends that you meet and advise them about fear of Allah and piety, and that: the rich must be kind to the poor and the powerful should be sympathetic to the weak. Those who are alive must attend the funeral of the dead and the people must visit each other. As this socializing is a way of reviving our command. May Allah have mercy on the one who revives our command. O Khatheema, convey to our friends that nothing takes us away from the chastisement of Allah except (good) deeds; and they can never obtain our Wilayat except by refraining from sins. And the most regretful person on the day of Qiyamat would be the one who praised justice and generosity but acted in contravention to it…”1

2. It is mentioned in Biharul Anwar, quoting from Amali of Shaykh Sadooq from the Eighth Imam, His Eminence, Reza (as) that he said:

“One who attends a gathering where our command is being enlivened, his heart will not die on the day the hearts die.”2

3. In Layali it is narrated from Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) that he said:

“Meet each other and repeat words of knowledge to each other as the rusted hearts are polished through traditions and by traditions our command is enlivened and Allah forgives one who enlivens our command.”


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