Reply Question: 24

Imam (a.t.f.s.) would invite them to their own Books, and would judge on the basis of their Books till the time they bring faith in Hazrat and turn Muslims. Verily, his reasoning would be based on divine Books but the un-distorted ones. It has come down in traditions that he would draw out the Torah, Injeel and other past divine books from the cave of Entakia and would argue by them.[66]

However, the rule would be an Islamic rule. The government would be taken care by Islamic rules and regulations. Everything would be with Islam and Imam (a.t.f.s.) would debate with the people in the most desired manner. In the un-distorted books, glad tidings about Imam’s reappearance has come down in more clear terms though such glad tidings can be found in the distorted books as well. We have referred to them in reply to another query.

The ‘Fiqh’ (jurisprudence) during Imam-e-Zaman’s era would be the pure ‘Fiqh’ of Islam and Ahl’ul-bayt. The administration would be based on justice. In fact, justice would prevail in all the circles of Mahdi’s government. All affairs would be run on the basis of holy Qur’an. Verily, social justice would prevail in every nook and corner of the society and widespread all over the earth.