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‘Entezar’ means ‘to look forward to’ or ‘to wait’ (anxiously). ‘Awaiting’ requires attentiveness and sensitiveness towards the ‘awaited one’. ‘Awaiting’ reveals a person’s ‘throbbing heart’ who tolerates every inconvenience on the path leading towards the beloved ‘awaited one’. ‘Entezar’ reveals ‘belief’, ‘endeavour’ and haste towards the ‘awaited one’. The one ‘awaiting’ learns from his heart, the obligation of fulfilling the duties because this ‘Entezar’ and the obligation has taken roots in his heart.

It can be said that the ‘one awaiting’ possesses the following qualities:

Longing for perpetual true monotheism and making all efforts for wiping off polytheism.

Supporting justice and training for spreading justice.

Living a simple, non-luxurious and incorrupt life.

Endeavour towards development of the lands, and people.

And those awaiting him have the following responsibilities:

Ma’refat (profound knowledge) of the ‘awaited one’.

Love and friendship towards him.

Obedience and submission to him.

Training one’s heart, house and society for setting up that ideal community.

Gaining nearness to Imam (a.t.f.s.) and preparedness for that community.

Praying for his well-being and ‘Zohour’ (manifestation) and calling upon him for help.

The result of such awaitness would be:

Mental and spiritual peace and tranquillity of the individual and the community;

Partial establishment of an utopian community;

Creation of happiness for the ‘awaited one’.

Establishment of strong relationship with the holy“awaited Imam” .