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Hazrat Qaem Aale-Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) will invite all nations towards their own respective books. To the Jews, he would say,“In the Torah, it has come down about my Reappearance as such.” To the Christians, he would say,“In the Bible, my rule has been introduced in such and such manner.” To the Zoroastrians, the Hindus, and all people of other religions, he would argue and reason out by referring to their books and thus prove the rightfulness of Islam and his Imamate and rule.

In a tradition, it has come down as follows:

“Verily, the Mahdi will bring out the coffin of the Ark of the Covenant from the cave of Entakia and draw out the Pentateuch from a mountain in Syria. With them, he would argue and reason out with the Jews and majority of them would bring faith in Islam.” [132]

In this manner, the argument shall be finalized for the followers of all divine religions and human schools of thought and everyone would gather under the banner of monotheism, Islam and Qur’an with one belief. At this time, Qur’an would be the divine book and Islam would be the religion.

Hazrat Baqiyat’ul-allah (a.t.f.s.) would teach this heavenly religion to the people and interpret the Book of Allah for them. The people would continue to live with hearts and tongues united under one rule and leader.