Responsibility 99: Belieing the Claimants of Mahdawiyyah

The final responsibility of a believer (which we will cover in this book) is to keep away from and also to proclaim those who claim to be the Mahdi (ajtf) as being liars.

This responsibility cannot be realized except through a complete understanding of the rightful Imam and successor of the Messenger of Allah (S) as it is only through this correct understanding that one can recognize those who falsely claim to be al-Mahdi (ajtf).

It is possible for a person to falsely claim the status of Mahdawiyyah, and to introduce himself to others as being the Mahdi (ajtf) and those who lack intelligence or are ignorant and do not recognize the true Imam or a group of people who are only looking out for their own interests or are plagued with following Satan and who are on the path of confusion and spiritual darkness, and disbelief and hypocrisy, may take this (false) claim of Mahdawiyyah and fall into error and also lead others to the wrong path and thus, they will have strayed away from the path of Allah and the religion of His Messenger and his rightful Successors.