Responsibility 83: Not Hurting or Upsetting the Imam

Another responsibility is to keep away from anything which would lead to the Imam being upset or saddened with us.

Without doubt, the primary reason for the Imam being upset with his followers is due to us not obeying the orders of Allah  and instead, following our base desires. In other words when we do not follow the religion and teachings of the Imam (which as we know, is the same religion and set of teachings which his noble fore-fathers taught), it is at this time that the Imam becomes upset with us.

Indeed, the Ahlul Bayt (as) sacrificed everything including their own lives to implement the religion, just like the sacred chain of previous prophets had done.

Disrespecting the sacred beliefs of the faith, objecting to and desecrating the faith and its teachings and the method of the Prophet of Islam, exposing the secrets of Allah  in places where they should not be mentioned, not observing taqiyyah, not having taqwa, exaggerating and over glorifying the pure Ahlul Bayt (as) are all things which lead to the Imam becoming distraught and thus, we must keep away from all of these things.

Imam al-Mahdi (ajtf) wrote the following to his followers:

قَدْ آذَانَا جُهَلاَءُ الشِّيْعَةِ وَ حُمَقَائُهُمْ وَ مَنْ دِينُهُ جَنَاحُ الْبَعُوضَةِ أَرْحَجُ مِنْهُ

“Surely the ignorant and foolish Shi’as have upset us and the person whose faith is (as weak as) the wing of a gnat is better than one of them (the ignorant Shi’as).”1

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