Narrations – Imam Ali al Ridha (as)


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1 -‘Ilal al-Sharā’e‘ and ‘Uyūn Akhbār al-Redhā: Al-Hasan Ibn Fadhdhāl narrates from his father, who narrates from al-Redhā (a.s), “As if I see the Shī‘a when they lose the third form my sons, they will be searching for the green pasture, but will not be finding it.” I said to him, “Why so, O’ son of the Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Because their Imam will disappear from them.” I said, “Why?” He said, “So there will not be any pledge of allegiance for anyone over his shoulders when rises with the sword.”


2 -‘Uyūn Akhbār al-Redhā: Ibn Mahbūb narrates from Abu al-Hasan al- Redhā (a.s) saying, The Imam said to me, “Definitely, there will occur the dumb, catastrophic mischief, in which every secret and close relation will be dropped. That will happen when the Shī‘a will miss the third from my sons. The dwellers of the heavens and the earth, and every worthy and merited man, and every contrite and sorrowful person will cry for him.” Then he said, “My father and mother be the ransom of the name- sake of my grandfather and my look-alike and the look-alike of Musā the son of ‘Imrān (a.s). He is apparelled in the garments of light, shining with rays of illumination of sanctity. How abundant worthy men of faith and how abundant sorrowful men of belief will be perplexed and grievous at the loss of that crystal spring. As if I see them when in their utmost despair, they are being called by a call that is heard from faraway as it is heard from the near, a call that is a blessing for the faithful and a curse for the unbelievers.”


3 -Ikmāl-Din: Similar narration.


4- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Di‘bil Ibn ‘Ali al-Khuzā‘ī says, I recited my long poem to my master ‘Ali Ibn Musā al-Redhā, the beginning of which is, Schools of verses empty of recitations And the House of Revelation horrendously empty When I reached to my verse, The rise of an Imam who will definitely rise and stand by the name of Allah and His blessings. He will make distinction between all rights and wrongs and will proffer requital for charities and malevolence

Imam al-Redhā (a.s) cried very profusely and then raised his head and said to me, “O’ Khizā‘i, the Blessed Spirit has spoken on your tongues in these two verses. Do you know who this Imam is and when he will rise?” I said, “No, my master, except I have heard that an Imam of yours will rise and clean the earth from mischief and will fill the earth with equity as it will be full of oppression.” He said, “O’ Di‘bil, the Imam after me is my son Muhammad; after Muhammad his son ‘Ali; after ‘Ali his son Hasan; and after Hasan his son, al-Hujja al-Qā’im, the Awaited during his occultation, and the one obeyed in his time of appearance. Even if not more than one day should remain from the world, Allah will prolong that day so much that he will rise and fill the world with equity just as it will be full of injustice. As for when it will happen, that is to describe its time, and my father has narrated to me through his forefathers through Prince of the Believers (a.s) that the Apostle (a.s) was asked, ‘O’ Messenger of Allah, when is the Qā’im from your progeny going to rise?’ He said, ‘His example is like the example of the Hour: None but He shall manifest it at its time. It will be momentous in the heavens and the earth. It will not come on you but suddenly.’”


5- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Ayyūb Ibn Nūh says, I said to al-Redhā (a.s), “We hope that you will be the Patron of this Affair and that may Allah, the Exalted, confer this to you without the sword. You have been pledged allegiance to and coins have been minted on your name.” He said, “There is no one of us that letters come and go to him, is asked questions, pointed with fingers, and religious dues taken to, but he will be assassinated or he will die on his bed, until Allah, the Exalted, sends for this Order a man whose birth and place of growth will be hidden and he will not be hidden in his lineage.”


6- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Ahmad Ibn Zakariyyā says, Al-Redhā (a.s) asked me, “Where is your house in Baghdad?” I said, “At al-Karkh.” He said, “That is the safest of places. There has to happen the deaf catastrophic mischief in which every secret and close relation will be dropped. That will hap- pen after the Shī‘a will miss the third from my sons.”


7- Al-Ghaiba of al-Ne‘māni: Muhammad Ibn Abi Ya‘qūb al-Balkhi says, I heard Abu al-Hasan al-Redhā (a.s) say, “They will be tested through something that is severer and greater. They will be tested with a fetus in the abdomen of his mother and the suckling baby, until it is said that he has disappeared and that he is dead.

They will say, ‘There is no Imam.’ However, even the Messenger of Al- lah (a.s) disappeared, and many others and many others disappeared. And here I am, awaiting a death in the bed.”


8- Al-Ghaiba of al-Ne‘māni: Ayyūb Ibn Nūh narrates from Abu al-Hasan al-Redhā (a.s) that he said, “When your standard is raised from your be- hind, then expect the salvation from the beneath of your steps.”