Narration – Imam Musa al Kadhim (as)


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1- ‘Ilal al-Sharā’e‘: ‘Ali Ibn Ja‘far narrates from his brother Musā Ibn Ja‘far (a.s), “When the fifth from the sons of the seventh disappears, then by Allah, by Allah, watch your religiosity. Do not allow anyone to re- move it from you. O’ my dear son, it is necessary for the Patron of this Enterprise to disappear until many who believe in this matter turn away from it. It will be a trial from Allah, by which He will try His creation. If your fathers and grandfathers knew a creed better than this, they would have followed it.” I said, “My master, who is the fifth from the sons of the seventh?” He said, “O’ my son, your intelligence is beneath under- standing him and your dreams are narrower than to carry it. However, if you live, you will see him.”

2- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Muhammad Ibn Ziyād al-Azdi says, I asked my master Musā Ibn Ja‘far (a.s) about the holy Divine verse, And He has lavished His favors on you, explicit and hidden. He said, “The explicit favor is the mani- fest Imam and the hidden one is the hidden Imam.” I asked him, “Is there someone in the Imams who will disappear?” He said, “Yes. His person will disappear from the eyes of the people and his remembrance will not disappear from the hearts of the believers. He is the Twelfth of us. Allah will facilitate every difficult task for him and will abase every hardship for him. He will reveal the treasures of the earth for him, prox- imate every far for him, destroy every tyrant through him, and kill the rebellious Satan on his hands. That is the son of the mistress of the bond- maids, whose birth will be hidden from the people, and mentioning him by his name will not be permissible for them until Allah manifests him and fills the earth through him with equity and justice, as it will be re- plete with injustice and oppression.” Al-Sadūq (a.s) says, “I have not heard this narration from anyone except Ahmad Ibn Ziyād on my return from Hajj. He was a trustworthy, religious, and knowledgeable man.

3- Ikmāl al-Dīn: al-‘Abbās Ibn ‘Āmir says, I heard Abu al-Hasan Musā (a.s) say, “People will say, the Patron of this Order has not been born yet.”

4- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Dawūd Ibn Kathīr says, I asked Abu al-Hasan Musā (a.s) about the Patron of this Order. He said, “He is the castaway, the loner, away from his home, hidden from his family, the son of an un- avenged father.”

5- Ikmāl al-Dīn: ‘Ali Ibn Ja‘far narrates from his brother Musā Ibn Ja‘far, saying I asked him, “What is the interpretation of the word of Allah, the Exalted, Say, ‘Have you thought? If in the morning your water should have disappeared into the earth, then who would bring you running water?” He said, “When you lose your Imam and do not see him, what are you go- ing to do?”

6- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Yunūs Ibn ‘Abd al-Rahmān says, I entered upon Musā Ibn Ja‘far (a.s) and said to him, “O’ son of the Messenger of Allah, are you the Qā’im bi al-Haqq (The Establisher of the Truth/the Riser/the One Standing with the Truth)?” He said, “I am the Qā’im bi al-Haqq, however, the Qā’im who will clean the earth from the enemies of Allah and will fill it with equity, as it will be full of injustice, is the fifth from my sons. He will have an occultation the length of which will be much due to his fear for his life. Many nations will apostatize in that period and the rest will remain steadfast.” Then he said, “Bliss be for Shī‘a, the adherers to our love during the occultation of our Qā’im, who will remain stead- fast on our adoration and detestation of our enemies. They are ours and we are theirs. They are pleased with us as Imams and we are pleased with them as Shī‘a. Bliss be for them! They are, by Allah, with us in our rank on the Day of Judgment.”