Narrations – Imam Muhammad Baqir (as)


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1- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Abu al-Jārud says, Abu Ja‘far (a.s) said to me “O’ Abu Jārūd, when ages pass and people say the Qā’im has died or perished or gone to some valley, and the seeker says, When is this going to happen while his bones have decayed? At that time expect him. And when you hear from him, come to him even if you have to crawl on ice.”

2- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Al-Thumāli says, I heard Abu Ja‘far (a.s) say, “The nearest of the people to Allah, the Exalted, and their most knowledge- able and their most compassionate to the populace is Muhammad and the Imams, bliss of Allah be for them all. Enter where they enter and sep- arate whoever they separate from. I mean Husain and his progeny by that. Righteousness is in them and they are the successors and from them are the Imams. Wherever you see them, follow them. If a time comes one day that you do not see anyone of them, seek help from Allah and con- template on the tradition you are on and follow it, and love whom you love, and disdain whom you disdain. How soon is the relief coming to you!”

3- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Ma‘rūf Ibn Khurbūdh says, I said to Abu Ja‘far (a.s), “Tell me about yourselves.” He said, “We are the like of stars. When a star sets, another star of peace and security, harmony and tranquility, and leisure and openings rises. So until the Children of ‘Abd al-Mutallib are equal and no distinction remains amongst them, Allah, the Exalted, will manifest your Patron. So praise Allah, the Exalted. And He will give him a choice between the easy and the difficult.” I asked, “May I be your ransom, which will he choose?” He said, “He will choose the difficult over the easy.”

Explanation: Al-Sa‘b wa al-Dhalūl (Humble and intractable, translated above as easy and difficult) are qualities of riding beasts.

4- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Umm Hāni al-Thaqafiyya says, I came in a morning to my master Muhammad Ibn ‘Ali al-Bāqir (a.s) and said to him, “My master, a verse from the Book of Allah, the Exalted, has struck my heart and has troubled me and taken away my nights’ sleep.”

He said, “Ask O’ Umm Hāni.” I said, “The saying of Allah, the Exal- ted, No, I swear by the Star that runs its course and hides itself.” He said, “Yes, the subject you asked me about, O’ Umm Hāni, is someone who will be born in the End Times and he is the Mahdi and from this House. There will be a perplexity and occultation about him in which nations will go astray and nations will remain on guidance. Blessed be you if you see his time! Blessed be anyone who sees his time!”

5- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Abu Ayyūb al-Makhzūmi says, Abu Ja‘far al-Bāqir (a.s) mentioned the conduct of the Rightly Guided Caliphs and when he reached their last one he said, “The Twelfth is the one behind whom Je- sus the son of Mary (a.s) will perform prayers. You must uphold his con- duct and the Noble Qur’ān.”

6- Al-Ghaiba of al-Ne‘māni: Umm Hāni says, I asked Abu Ja‘far (a.s), “What is the meaning of Allah’s word, Nay, I swear by the Star?” He said, “O’ Umm Hāni, an Imam who on the year two hundred and sixty hides himself until his whereabouts is not known to the people. Then he will appear like a blazing meteor in a dark night. If you should see that time, your heart will find solace.”

7- Al-Ghaiba of al-Ne‘māni: Ma‘rūf Ibn Khurbūdh says, Said Abu Ja‘far (a.s), “Your stars are like the stars of the heavens. Whenever a star sets, another star rises. So when you point with your fingers and make ges- tures with your eyebrows, Allah will hide your stars from you. The Chil- dren of Hāshim will be equal without any distinction amongst them from one another. Then your star will rise, so praise your Lord.”

8- Al-Ghaiba of al-Ne‘māni: ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Atā’ says, I said to Abu Ja‘far (a.s), “Your Shī‘a are many in Iraq and there is no one, by Allah, in your household like you. So why do not you uprise?” He said, “O’ Abdullah Ibn Atā’, you have began lending your ears to the fools. No, by Allah, I am not your Awaited Patron.” I asked him, “Then who is our Awaited Patron?” He said, “Look who does Allah hide his birth from the people, he is your Awaited Patron. There is no one of us who is pointed at with fingers or hinted by tongues except that he dies because of being under wrath or because of other causes.”

Explanation: It is possible that the two possibilities for causes of death mentioned may be expression of doubt of the narrator and it is possible that death of being under wrath alludes to murder and hatfa anfihi al- ludes to a death that is not in severe and dire circumstances.

9- Al-Ghaiba of al-Ne‘māni: ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Atta’ says, I said to Abu Ja‘far (a.s), “Tell me about the Qā’im.” He said, “By Allah, he is neither me, nor the one towards whom you stretch your necks. His birth will not be known.” “What is his conduct according to?” I asked. He said, “He will act according to what the Messenger of Allah (a.s) has acted, invalid- ating the past and looking forward.”

10- Al-Ghaiba of al-Ne‘māni: Abu al-Jārūd says, I heard Abu Ja‘far (a.s) say, “Times shall come and go until Allah sends for this enterprise someone you do not know has he been created.”

11- Al-Ghaiba of al-Ne‘māni: Abu al-Jārūd says that Abu Ja‘far (a.s) said, “You will continue to stretch your necks to a man of ours, saying He is the one, and Allah takes him away; until Allah sends a man for this affair whom you do not know has he been born or not, has he been created or not.”

12- Al-Ghaiba of al-Ne‘māni: Ibn Bukair and al-Hakam narrated from Abu Ja‘far (a.s), “As if I see you, you climb up and do not find anyone and return and do not find anyone.”

13- Al-Ghaiba of al-Ne‘māni: Abu Hamzah al-Thumāli says, I was with Abu Ja‘far Muhammad Ibn ‘Ali al-Bāqir (a.s) one day. When everyone had dispersed, he said to me, “O’ Abu Hamzah, one of the destined events that must happen is the rise of our Qā’im. Whoever doubts in what I say, he will meet Allah disbelieving in Him.” Then he said, “My father and mother be the ransom of the one who is named by my name and bears my patronym, the seventh after me. My father be the ransom of the one who will fill the earth with equity and justice, as it will be re- plete with oppression and injustice. O’ Abu Hamzah, whoever sees him and submits to him through the submission for Muhammad and ‘Ali, I give him a solemn promise of the Paradise. And whoever does not sub- mit, verily Allah has made the Paradise forbidden for him and his abode is the Fire and bad a place it is for the oppressors.

14- Al-Kāfi: Abu Na‘īm says, I came to Abu Ja‘far (a.s) when he was in Medina. I said to him, “I have taken a vow between the rukn and the maqām that when I meet you, I will not to go away from Medina until I know whether you are the Qā’im of the House of Muhammad or not.” He did not answer me anything. I stayed for thirty days. Then he met me on a road and said, “O’ Hakam, and you are still here?” I said, “I told you about the vow I have taken by Allah and you did not order me to do anything, nor did you forbid me from anything. And you did not give me an answer.” He said, “Come to me in the morning at my house.” I went to him in the morning. He said, “Ask what you need.” I said, “I have vowed with Allah of alms and fasting and charity between the Rukn and the Maqām, that if I meet you I will not exit Medina until I know whether you are the Qā’im (Establisher) of the House of Muhammad. If you are, I will stay and be at your guard; and if you are not, I would go in the lands in search of livelihood.” He said, “O’ Hakam, we are all Establishers of the Order of Allah.” I said, “Then are you the Mahdi (the Guide)?” He said, “We all guide to Allah.” “Are you the one with the sword?” “Each one of us is with the sword and heir of the sword.” “Then are you the one who will kill the enemies of God, and is it through you that the bosom friends of Allah will be victorious, and is it through you the religion of Allah will manifest?” “O’ Hakam,” he said, “how can I be that and I have reached forty five. The Awaited Patron of that Enterprise is closer to breastfeeding than me and lighter on the back of a courser.”