Narration – Imam Ali ibn Hussain (as)


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1- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Ibn Qais al-Thumāli narrates from ‘Ali Ibn al-Husain, “This verse, Those related by blood are prior to one another in the Book of Allah, has been revealed about us. And the verse, And He made it a Word to endure in his progeny, has been revealed about us. Imamate is in the progeny of Husain Ibn ‘Ali Ibn Abi Tālib (a.s) until the Day of Judgment. Our Qā’im will have two occultations, one longer than the other. The first one will be six days and six months and six years. The second one, its period will last very long so much so that many of the believers of this creed will turn away from it. No one will stay firm on it but the one whose certainty is strong, whose cognition is correct and he does not find impediment in his heart from our judgment and submits to us Ahl al-Bait.”

Explanation: “Six days” perhaps alludes to the different phases of his life in his occultation. For six days, no one but the extremely confidential individuals were aware of his birth. After six months, others were in- formed. After six years, as his father passed away, he became well known to many people.

2- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Sa‘īd Ibn Jubair narrates from ‘Ali Ibn al-Husain (a.s), “The birth of our Qā’im will be hidden from the people, so they will say that he is not born yet. He will rise at the time of his rise without any pledge of allegiance to anyone on his shoulders.”

3- Al-Majālis of al-Mufīd: Abu Khālid al-Kābuli says, ‘Ali Ibn al-Husain (a.s) said to me, “O’ Abu Khālid, mischief shall come like strips of nightly shadow. No one will be saved but the one Allah has taken his covenant. They are the lights of guidance and the sources of knowledge. Allah will save them from every dark mischief. As if I see your Awaited Patron has risen over your Najaf on the outskirts of the Kufas with three hundred and ten and some odd men. Gabriel is on his right hand and Michael is on his left hand. Isrāfīl is in his fore. The standard of the Messenger of Allah (a.s) is with him, which he has unfolded. He throws no nation down with it, but Allah, the Exalted, destroys them.