Narration – Imam Hassan & Hussain (as)


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1- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Abu Sa‘īd ‘Uqaisā’ says, When Hasan Ibn ‘Ali (a.s) made peace with Mu‘āwiya Ibn Abi Sufyān, people went to him and some of them criticized him for his pledge of allegiance. The Imam said, “Woe unto you! You do not know what I did. By Allah, what I have done is better for my Shī‘a than all the riches upon which the sun has risen and sat. Don’t you know that I am your Imam, whose obedience is obligatory upon you, and one of the two lieges of the people of the Garden on the virtue of explicit saying of the Messenger of Allah (a.s)?” They said, “Indeed so.” He said, “Don’t you know that when al-Khidhr tore the boat and killed the boy and erected the wall, that was very harsh for Musā Ibn ‘Imrān (a.s), since its wisdom was hidden to him, which was wisdom and propriety before Allah? Don’t you know there is no one of us except a pledge of allegiance to the tyrant of his time falls on his neck except the Qā’im behind whom Rūh-Allah Jesus the son of Mary will pray? For Allah, the Exalted, will hide his birth and conceal his person, so there will not be any commitment of allegiance on his neck for anyone when he rises. He is the ninth from the children of my brother Husain, the son of the Mistress of bondmaids. Allah will prolong his life in his oc- cultation. Then he will bring him forth through His power in the figure of a youth of less than forty years, so it may be known that Allah is All- Powerful over everything.”

Al-Ehtejāj narrates the same tradition on the authority of Hannān Ibn Sudair.

2- Ikmāl al-Dīn: ‘Abd al-Rahmān Ibn al-Hajjāj narrates from Ja‘far Ibn Muhammad, who narrates from his father, Muhammad Ibn ‘Ali, who narrates from his father, ‘Ali Ibn al-Husain, saying, Said al-Husain Ibn ‘Ali, blessings of Allah be unto them, “In the ninth son of mine there is a tradition from Joseph and a tradition from Moses the son of ‘Imrān. He is the Qā’im of us Ahl al-Bait. Allah, the High, will restitute his affair in a single night.”

3- Ikmāl al-Dīn: ‘Abdullah Ibn Sharīk narrates on the authority of a man from the tribe of Hamdān, saying, I heard al-Husain Ibn ‘Ali, Allah’s blessings be unto them both, say, “The Qā’im of this Ummah is the ninth from my progeny. He is the man of the occultation. And he is the one whose inheritance is split up while he is alive.”

4- Ikmāl al-Dīn: ‘Abd al-Rahmān Ibn Sulait says, al-Husain Ibn ‘Ali said, blessings of Allah be unto them both, “There are Twelve Guides from us; their first is the Prince of the Believers ‘Ali Ibn Abi Tālib and their last is the ninth from my sons and he is the Imam, the Establisher of the Truth. Allah will revive the earth after its death.

He will uplift the right religion through him over all religions, dislike may the polytheists. He will have an occultation in which nations will apostatize and many more will stay firm on the religion. They will be maltreated and asked, When is this promise, if you are truthful?

Behold, the one who remains steadfast during his occultation despite maltreatments and falsifications, is in the position of a warrior with the sword in the way of Allah in the presence of the Messenger of Allah (a.s).”

5- Ikmāl al-Dīn: ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Omar says, I heard Husain Ibn ‘Ali (a.s) say, “Even if there should not remain but a single day from the world, Allah, the Exalted, will prolong that day so much that a man from my progeny will rise. He will fill the earth with justice and equity as it will be replete with injustice and oppression. So I heard the Messenger of Allah (a.s) say.”

6- Ikmāl al-Dīn: ‘Isā al-Khashshāb says, I said to Husain Ibn ‘Ali (a.s), “Are you the Awaited Patron of this Enterprise?”

He said, “No, rather, the Patron of this Enterprise is the runaway fugit- ive, the son of a non-avenged father, called by the patronym of his uncle. He will put his sword on his shoulder for eight months.”

7- Al-Ghaiba of Sheikh Tusi: ‘Abdullah Ibn Sharīk says in a narration, which we have abridged, that Husain (a.s) passed by a group of Children of Hāshim, who were sitting in the Masjid of the Messenger (a.s).

He said, “Behold, by Allah, the world will not end until Allah sends a man from my seed, who will kill from you one thousand and with the thousand another thousand, and with the thousand another thousand.”

I asked, “May I be your ransom. They are the sons of so-and-so and do not reach this number.”

The Imam said, “Look at you! At that time, a man will have from his seed” so-and-so many men. “And the chief of our people will be from themselves.