Special Signs of Surah Hashr


There are numerous tradition which enumerate the miraculous physical and spiritual benefits of the Holy Quran. Ayatollah Mohammed Taqi Najafi Isfahani has also brought many benefits of the verse of Quran in his book – ‘Special Signs’.

The book “Masjid-e-Jamkaran” narrates an incident about Aqa Hussain who was a driver. He says that he lost his mother in his childhood following which his father remarried. He was unhappy with this arrangement and so he ran away from Iraq, his homeland and learnt driving. Over a period of time, he even learnt some mechanical aspects and started working in the workshop of a Jew.

During this period he developed a severe pain in his back and this was causing him a lot of trouble. He met many doctors for its treatment but no medicines were beneficial for it. He took a lot of x-rays and even met doctors outside Iran for its treatment. He even had an operation for his back. But the more he struggled for its treatment, the more he became convinced that this pain would not go away. Finally the doctors told him that the area of his back had become weak and hence any treatment for the pain was useless.

He finally traveled to the Masjid of Jamkaran in Qum and sought the help of Imam Mahdi (as) that he may be delivered from this pain. He stayed there for some days in a hotel, but it was of no use and he returned back to Qum. That night he saw a dream in which someone told him that if you wish to get your desires fulfilled you must spend less time at the hotel and the nights remaining awake in the mosque!

He went again to Jamkaran mosque. This time he intended that in the month of Rajab he would perform the prayers of the mosque of Jamkaran. That night he was alone in the mosque. There was no one with him. When he completed his prayers, he saw a respectful person in a green dress who had a halo of light around him enter the mosque and sat down. At that time, his back was aching severely and he was in great difficulty.

The Sayyed turned towards him and said, Where do you feel the pain? He replied, For quite some time I am having severe pain in my back.

The Sayyed came closer to him and put his noble hands on the spine and rubbed it with his palm. Then he slowly started rubbing his palm over each bone in the spine and as he massaged the back, he kept on reciting the last four verses of Surah Hashr.

Then the Sayyed said, You have been cured. He moved his back a little but could not feel any pain. He then moved his body a little more to the right and left, but found that the pain had vanished completely. He got up and walked a little, even ran in the compound of the mosque, but could feel no pain! There was a big stone lying outside the mosque. He picked it up and raised it above his head – no pain! He tested his back with different positions and exercises and found it to be strong and healthy.

He went inside the mosque to thank this Sayyed but could find no sign of him. He realised that the Sayyed was Imam Mahdi (as). He looked all over for him but the Sayyed had disappeared completely.

Lessons from this incident

This incident serves to teach us that when we go for Ziyarat (visitation) of the shrines of the infallible Imam (as) or any such place which is associated with the Imam (as) we should spend most of our time in it. And pay less attention to our comfort and ease because comfort and ease can be got in our native place.

Surely if we ask with full attention, then Imam Mahdi (as) will relieve us from even those diseases that have no cure. Imam (as) does not require any worldly medicines to cure us. It may be possible that sometimes Allah puts us in such difficulties so that we may meet Imam (as). We also learn that even if the worldly parents leave us, the Imam of the time is never unaware of our actions and us.