Incident concerning Shaykh Mohammed Taher Najafi


In the book of Najmus Saqib, there is an incident narrated about Shaykh Mohammed Taher Najafi, The Shaykh served with Masjid Kufa for many years and was staying there along with his family. He was a very pious and God fearing person. Towards the latter part of his life, he became blind. Some of the scholars have narrated his incident as follows.

A few years ago a fight erupted between two tribes in the city of Najaf. Due to this war-like situation, the scholars and visitors to Najaf were unable to travel to Masjid Kufa. It was for quite some time, that in the city of Najaf, the hotels with which I was associated were not seeing any pilgrims due to the wars. Even the scholars were not coming to Najaf. At this, I became very worried as I had a large family to support. There was an added responsibility of some orphans on me also. Things were getting very difficult and I was living a hand to mouth existence.

On one Shabe’ Jamuah it so happened that there was nothing to eat at all. My children were crying due to hunger. At this time, my heart was very sad. I left my house and began walking and narrating my condition to Allah. I said – O Allah! I am satisfied with my condition and whatever you have ordained for me. But what should I do – I have yet to be blessed with a visit of my master Imam Mahdi (as). If you grant me permission to see the honourable face of my master (as), I promise that I will never ask you for anything else ever again and will be happy and satisfied with the poverty that you have destined for me.

Suddenly, I got up from my place. I saw a white cloth my hand (this cloth was one which people normally place at the place of prostration in namaz). My other hand was in the hand of a handsome and awesome youth. His strong personality and striking features gave me the impression that he was some emperor. My mind was in a daze and I did not know what is happening.

Then I saw that he had worn a green turban and a person dressed in white clothes was standing next to him. We started walking towards the mehraab (prayer niche) in the mosque. When we reached there, the person who had taken hold of my hand turned to me and said, O Taher, spread the cloth for namaz.

I spread the cloth. It was the whitest cloth I had ever seen and was outstandingly beautiful, but I could not make out the material with which it had been made.

As I laid out the cloth and turned it towards the Qiblah, this handsome Sayyed stood stood on it and began reciting his namaz. I was mesmerized by his presence and slowly the radiance (noor) from his face increased so much that it was difficult to look at his face directly. His companion too stood behind him and got busy in reciting his prayers.

I stood ahead of them and was watching them. Who are these persons, I wondered? When they had completed their prayers, I saw that the person who was praying behind was no longer with us. Before I could absorb this, I became aware of a chair, which was about 4 feet in height and even had a shade attached to it. The respected Sayyed who was praying ahead on the white cloth was sitting on it. The illumination from the chair and the face of this person was making it difficult for my eyes to see.

The respected Sayyed said, O Taher, which emperor do you take me for?

I said, O Master, you are the emperor of emperors. You are a leader in knowledge and are not like the other kings.

Then he said, O Taher, you have succeeded in your objective (of meeting Imam Mahdi (as)). What do you wish now? Do we not take care of you needs everyday? Are your deeds not presented before us?

Finally the respected sayyed promised me that my condition and wealth would improve and that I would never face poverty again.

At that time, a sinful person, who I knew by name and character entered Masjid Kufa from the direction of the shrine of Hazrat Muslim Ibne Aqeel (as). Suddenly I saw that the holy face of Imam was seized with anger. He turned his face towards that person and said, Till where will you run and escape? Is not the earth and heaven our kingdom? Follow the orders which we have issued, for you have no choice.

Then he turned towards me, smiled and said, You have fulfilled your desires. Now do you want anything else?

I was so dumbstruck by his magnificence and brilliance that I could not speak up. He repeated his question and again I was in such a state that I could not reply. I was unable to express my happiness in words. Then within a flash, I saw that I was alone in the mosque and that Imam Mahdi (as) had disappeared. I looked towards the east and saw that morning was almost upon me.

After this, the Shaykh says that the doors of sustenance were opened to him and he never faced the shortage of anything in my life.


The truth is that through Imam Mahdi (as) the poverty of the world and hereafter is removed. With this incident Imam Mahdi (as) has pointed out towards two important things.

One is that we must pay special attention towards our deeds because our deeds are reported to him (as). It is narrated that if our deeds are good then Imam (as) becomes happy and prays for more reward for us. Imam (as) is also saddened when he observes our sins. We must ask ourselves this question- have we been created to make our Imam cry over us or that we cry over Imam Hussain (as)

The other thing, which Imam (as) has pointed out, is that he is not unaware of our affairs. It may be another thing that we may be involved in problems due to the examinations but it is only through the infallible Imams (as) that our problems will be solved. And the blessings of this world and the Hereafter can be achieved.