IMAC CERT – Volunteer Policy



Revised – 22.3.2020

Author – Fiza Tajwar



IMAC CERT is NOT a charity. It has been set up by a small community organisation. Our objective is to provide people with essential items and services that are not accessible to those currently in self-isolation. People requiring assistance must fall under one or more of the following:

  • People aged 60+
  • Vulnerable people
  • Single parents
  • Parents who have SEN Children
  • People who are immobile

Our activities mainly comprise of collecting/delivering essential items, collection/delivery of medicine, Collection/Delivery of essential children’s items and collection/delivery of mail.

Any other service may be requested. Fulfilment of request will be subject to nature of request and volunteer/item availability.

Purpose of this policy

The Volunteer Policy identifies and sets out the principles by which IMAC CERT works with volunteers, the benefits it gains from its volunteers and benefits that volunteers expect to gain. This policy sets out the minimum standards for recruitment, induction and appointment of volunteers to ensure that both volunteer and IMAC CERT expectations are met. It provides for fair and equal treatment of its volunteers and a framework for implementation at national, country and regional level.

Who the policy applies to

The policy is for staff that work with, and provide support to, volunteers within IMAC CERT and for volunteers themselves who provide this role as a part of their activities. The policy will be provided to all IMAC CERT volunteers.

Who are IMAC COVID-19 CERT volunteers?

A IMAC COVID-19 CERT volunteer is someone who freely chooses to give their time to undertake tasks and activities to help IMAC CERT achieve its aims without payment or the expectation of payment. The arrangement is voluntary on both sides. Either party can bring this to an end.





Volunteer roles include:

  • Advertising: Volunteers who can tell people about the service we are providing by word of mouth, delivering leaflets, advertising digital poster on social media
  • Asking other to join them
  • Donation Collection: Volunteers who collect Food & Other essentials for those who are in need.
  • Deliveries: Volunteers who will deliver items to those in need
  • Sourcing: Volunteers who will source the items needed by people

Communication: Maintaining good communication with IMAC Leads in terms of items needed & delivery requirements.


  1. Once we have verified you application we will contact you by phone to inform you of the acceptance of your application and send you information of IMAC CERT protocols of assistance
  2. Senior/Reginal leads will be available for any inquiries or questions you may have. You will be supported throughout the time you will volunteer with us.


Volunteer Requirements

  1. Volunteers must be 18 or Over
  2. Volunteers must contact Fiza Tajwar – 07388935138 or Syed Mahdi – 07825438007 preferably through WhatsApp message to express an interest in volunteering. You will then be asked to provide proof of identity and fill out a form.
  3. Your application will then be reviewed within a few hours.
  4. If you are able to drive/make deliveries and collect items, we will need proof of a driving licence.
  5. We will need to know which areas you are able to support.
  6. We must be able to contact volunteers via phone and text.
  7. Once these checks have been made we can then appoint volunteers through IMAC CERT.

Requirements of Volunteers

  • Must not be diagnosed with Covid-19, living with or be in contact with someone with the Covid-19 virus. You must also not fall under the vulnerable persons list issued by the government.
  • To follow confidentiality and data protection guidelines and ensure these are met.
  • Availability & commitment at most times to be able to provide the service to those in need
  • Availability to travel to locations within their area to collect and deliver donations/purchases
  • A willingness to listen and follow instructions
  • Understanding, reliability and genuineness
  • to reflect GDPR thereby adhering to the IMAC CERT of approachable, non-judgemental, inspiring, empowering and passionate.

IMAC CERT is not able to accept applications from those who are not willing to commit to the aims and objectives or from those that IMAC CERT considers to be unsuitable for the role.


Equality and Diversity

IMAC CERT is committed to building a diverse community group that is responsive to the needs of those who are most vulnerable during this period of self-isolation. IMAC CERT is also committed to equal opportunities at all stages of recruitment and selection. Selection and approval of volunteers should always be carried out without regard to protected characteristics: age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; and sexual orientation.

The benefits to a volunteer of supporting IMAC CERT

Supporting IMAC CERT provides volunteers with:

  • The ability to help those who are desperately in need due to self-isolation
  • Making a contribution to society as a whole
  • Renewing hope in humanity
  • Showing people, the benefits of working together


Health and Safety Guidelines/Liability Information for IMAC CERT Volunteers

Volunteers are expected to adhere to the following guidelines to remain safe

  1. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will anyone who is diagnosed with COVID-19, living with someone with COVID-19 or anyone who falls under the Vulnerable Persons list issued by the government be allowed to volunteer
  2. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will volunteers come into contact with anyone we are providing services to.
  3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will money be collected by volunteers. All transactions must be done through the IMAC Bank transfer.
  4. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are volunteers allowed to drive and undertake deliveries for IMAC CERT without a valid driving licence. Proof of this will be needed.
  5. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will IMAC CERT volunteers give out personal information or contact details of anyone who has asked for assistance. After assistance has been given, all details must be deleted off personal devices
  6. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will volunteers share their personal information with those who are being assisted. All communication will be through Senior Leads & Regional Leads appointed by IMAC Management.
  7. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will IMAC CERT Volunteers provide medical information or advice to those who ask for assistance. Please refer them to NHS Website or WHO for more information.
  8. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will volunteers pay for items themselves without first notifying Senior Leads (Fiza or Syed Mahdi). IMAC CERT are not under obligation for reimbursements.
  9. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will IMAC CERT volunteers take and use pictures of those/or their locations who they have assisted. This could result in the volunteer being persecuted by the person who they are assisting. IMAC CERT holds no liability for this.
  10. All volunteers are responsible for their own hygiene and safety and it is recommended by us to wear latex gloves and a face mask when shopping and delivering. We understand this may not always be possible but please wash hands thoroughly before and after shopping/picking up donations and deliveries.
  11. Refer to the updates on hygiene and self-care guidelines through the NHS Website
  12. IMAC CERT is in no way responsible for the contracting of COVID-19 or any other virus/infection/disease/injury or any other incident that may occur while volunteers are providing assistance as safety guidelines are in place.
  13. IMAC CERT is not insured for volunteers as we are just a small community group.
  14. IMAC CERT it not responsible for expenses incurred by volunteers such as parking tickets and petrol.
  15. IMAC CERT is not responsible for irresponsible behaviour resulting in intervention by police, fire or ambulance services.
  16. If anyone is in breach of the above guidelines, IMAC CERT has the right to remove volunteers working with us.


Confidentiality, Copyright and Data Protection issues

  1. IMAC CERT in complying with The General Data Protection Regulation 2018, will treat in confidence the information it holds about volunteers. The information will be held while there is a legitimate purpose for doing so. Volunteers have the right to request to see all the information held about them by us.
  2. Volunteers must ensure that all information regarding the people they have assisted is secure and that all measures are taken to protect this information.
  3. Do not save any people who need assistance as contacts on your phone



If you wish to leave, please inform the Senior Leads.


For any information or enquireies please contact senior leads:

Fiza – 07388935138 –