Letter to Sheikh Mufeed

His Eminence, the Promised Imam (a.s.) sent some letters to the Trustworthy one of Islam, the Shaykh al Mufeed. May Allah (SwT) purify his burial place of whom Shaykh Tabarsi has quoted two letters. They are as follows:

1. This letter is for the worthy brother and righteous friend, Shaykh Mufeed Abu Abdillah Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Numan, may Allah (SwT) always maintain his honor, it is from the position achieved due to the covenant taken from the people:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

So to say: Peace be on you, O friend who is sincere in the religion of Allah (SwT) and is successful in certainty in us. We are thankful for our existence to Allah (SwT), except Whom there is no God. And we ask Allah (SwT) for blessings and mercy upon our Prophet Muhammad (S) and the Progeny of Muhammad (S). And may He always give you divine opportunity to help the truth and increase your rewards for speaking up in our favor.

We announce that we have been permitted to honor you with our letter and entrust you with responsibility of our friends who are present around you. May Almighty Allah (SwT) befriend them due to His obedience and may He suffice them in their important matters. May the Almighty Allah (SwT) help you against the pledge-breakers who have gone out of the religion of God. Then consider what I am explaining to you and convey it to those whom you trust, if Allah (SwT) wills.

If we are in such a position that we are away from the habitations of the oppressors and it is due to hidden wisdom that the Almighty Allah (SwT) has considered best for us and the believer followers of us, till the material wealth is in control of the transgressors. Inspite of all this we are perfectly cognizant of all your affairs and problems and nothing regarding you is hidden from us.

We have received information about the disgrace and humility suffered by you all due to most of you acting in opposition to the ways of your predecessors, regarding which you may not have received any information. And that we are concerned about you and we do not forget you and if this attention and favor had not been there, poverty and tension would have befallen you and your enemies would have destroyed you.

Therefore fear the Almighty Allah (SwT) and help us to save you from this mischief. Anyone whose death is near shall be killed in this mischief and one who has obtained his desire shall remain safe and this mischief is a sign of distance and proximity of our commands and prohibitions. Although the Almighty Allah (SwT) would perfect His light even if it is detestable to the disbelievers. Remain attached to dissimulation and keep away from stoking the fire of ignorance…

At the end he writes: This letter is for you, O sincere brother and friend. O loyal friend. May Allah (SwT) protect you. Keep this letter in safe custody and do not show it to anyone. Though you may convey the points mentioned therein to those whom you trust. And persuade them to act upon it, if Allah (SwT) wills.

And may Allah (SwT) bless Muhammad (S) and his Purified Progeny.

This blessed letter contains many important matters:

Firstly: Shaykh Mufeed is considered great and is praised. He is one of the pillars of Islam in knowledge, merits, piety and steadfastness in religion and its propagation. He was one who had been permitted to remain in contact with the Imam of the Age (a.s.) and that in fact, he should be an emissary of His Eminence (a.s.) among his Shias.

Secondly: In this letter, His Eminence (a.s.) has indicated that the place of his residence is away from the area of the oppressors, and that his uprising has been concealed from them. And it is only known to the Almighty and depends on His will, till the time the oppressors rule the earth, His Eminence (a.s.) would not reappear.

Thirdly: From the whole letter it becomes apparent that His Eminence (a.s.) is aware of all the aspects and conditions of his Shias and no matter is concealed for him. Then His Eminence (a.s.) is concerned for them and helps them and by the permission of Allah (SwT) keeps harm away from them. Such that if the care of His Eminence (a.s.) had not been there for the Shias they would have been surrounded by their enemies from all sides.