Daily Ziarat

O Allah, You convey to my master, the master of the time (may the blessings of Allah be on him) from every believing man and believing women in the easts of the earth on its wests and its lands and it seas and its plains and its mountains from their dead and their living and from my parents and my children and me, salutations and greetings equivalent in weight to the Throne of Allah and the ink of His words and the pinnacle of His satisfaction and equal to the number of what His Book comprehends and His knowledge envelopes.

O Allah! I renew to him today and every day a covenant and a pledge and an allegiance upon my neck.

O Allah just as You have honored me with this honor and favored me with this favour and have distincted me with this bounty, then bless my master and my leader, the master of the time, and include me from among his helpers and his adherents and his defenders and include me from among those who attain martyrdom in his presence, obediently and not reluctantly in the ranks whom You have praised in Your Book, then You said:In Ranks, as if they the a strong fortification upon Your obedience and the obedience of Your Apostle and his progeny, peace be on them….

O Allah! This is my pledge on my neck till the Day of Judgment.

Then put your right hand on your left hand in the way of doing allegiance to Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.)