Calendar 2022 – 12 Months for the 12th Imam (ajtf)



“If you remember me, then I will remember you. If you pray for my reappearance, then I will pray for your wellbeing. If you think of me, then I will be thinking of you”

Imam Mahdi (ajtf)



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This beautiful and elegant calendar has been designed to increase the prayer and remembrance of Imam Mahdi (ajtf) throughout the whole year!

Let there never be a day when we will not remember and pray for Our Imam (ajtf)’

The calendar includes:

  • Gregorian and Islamic Dates
  • Spaces for daily notes/reminders
  • Important Islamic Dates
  • Selected Friday Dedications
  • Pictures of places attributed to Imam Mahdi (ajtf)
  • Daily Dua for the safety and wellbeing of Our Blessed Imam (ajtf)
  • Information for our website & social media links


This calendar has been sponsored by Sayed Ali Jaffri for the esaal e sawaab of Syed Abbas Jaffri, Safdar Mehdi Jaffrey and all Marhumeen.

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The Imam Mahdi (ajtf) Awareness Campaign