Salamun Aalikum wa rehmatullahi wa Barakatu,
As part of the IMAC Fundraiser Campaign for Arbaeen this year, we will be raising funds for 4 purposes.
1. 2 Orphan Sisters in Pakistan who need funds to get married after Arbaeen
2. A very poor Shia Muslim Family in the Philippines who require fund for the medical treatment of their mother
3. A widow in Pakistan who requires funds to rent a house for her and her children.

4. Contribute towards the Imam Mahdi (ajtf)  Awareness Campaign to spread the message of Imam Mahdi (ajtf) and help those who may require emergency funds

Please donate what you can in the name of Aba Abdillah (as) & The Imam of Our Time (ajtf)

1. Marriage of Orphan sisters in Pakistan
Total Required: £2000
We were informed of the sad circumstances of 2 orphan sisters in Gujranwala, Pakistan who require funds for their marriage after Arbaeen. They do not have much in their current homes, they do not have the means to marry and they do not have basic necessities to start and live a comfortable life in their marriage homes. We have already raised £2200 for this cause and are looking to raise another £2000 to help with wedding expenses, furniture, and clothes for both sisters.
2. Medical Expenses for the mother of a struggling Shia family in the Philippines
Total Required: £1000
A Shia family in the Philippines is struggling to meet the medical expenses of their mother who has suffered a stroke. As you can imagine, they are under a lot of stress. They also have a daughter who is disabled and confined to a wheelchair for who they are struggling to provide care.
3. Rent and food for a widow and her 3 children for a year who has been removed from her marriage home after the death of her husband in Pakistan.
Total Required: £1000

A widow in Pakistan has been removed from the house of her husband with her 3 children by her in laws after the death of her husband resulting from a heart attack. She is currently living in one room with her 3 children. We are raising fund to get her a home and pay for her rent and food for a year inshAllah.


4. Contribute towards the Imam Mahdi (ajtf)  Awareness Campaign to spread the message of Imam Mahdi (ajtf) and help those who may require emergency funds
Total Required: £1000 +
To continue our work, we need support from lovers and awaiters of Imam Mahdi (ajtf) In order for us to continue our work which consists of holding regular live and online events, creating resources and helping those in urgent need. For more details of what we do, please visit
IG Page
Youtube Channel:
Please donate what you can to help these struggling families and gift the this blessed charity to Imam Hussain (as) & Our Living Imam (ajtf) for the benefit of Your Departed Loved ones.
For Enquiries please contact us on our email address.

May Allah (swt) accept your contributions and May our Living Imam (ajtf) be pleased with you inshallah.