After Ziarat

It has been narrated from Younus Ibn Abd al-Rahman that Imam Ali Ibn Moosa al-Ridha-peace be upon him-used to order his companions and adherents to recite the following supplication for sake of Imam al-Mahdi. Besides, It is strongly recommended to recite it after the ziyarah of Imam al-Mahdi-peace be upon him.

Your witness on your servants.
The master and the struggler (for the sake of Allah)
The speaker of your shelter and the full worshipper in your measures.
Keep him safe from the intrigues and evil schemes of all that which you created and make.
And that which you established and formed.
And protect him from that which is there in his presence, from that which comes from behind.
And from that which comes from his right and from that which comes from his left.
And from that which comes from above and from that which comes from beneath.
With your thorough safety that preserves the one on which it is practiced from any loss.
And keep your messenger his (imam al-mahdi) fathers’ safe through saving him.
They are verily the guides and the pillars of your religion.
And include him with your deposit that never loses.
And with your vicinity that is never violated.
And with your protection and power that are never defeated.
And afford security to him in your safe and trustworthy sanctuary that does not forsake him who takes asylum in it.
And make him under your protection that saves him who is put under it from any harm.
And give him your insuperable victory.
And aid him with your superior weaponry
And strengthen him with your strength
And put your angles at his disposals.
And support him whoever support him
And be the enemy of him whoever opposes him.
And dress him your fortified armor
And make the angles surround him.
O Allah! through him, patch up the differences of opinion.
And bring into order again confusion.
And eradicate oppression
And manifest justice.
And adorn the earth by a lengthy life for him.
And support him with victory
And give him victory through throwing horror in his enemies’ hearts.
And reinforce his supporters
And thwart his enemies
And give order to destruction those who lay traps for him.
And annihilate those who cheat him.
And through him kill the chiefs, pillars and supports of infidelity.
And though him crush the heads of deviation and the innovators of heresies.
And the eradicators of the sunnah and the backers of wrong
And through him humiliate the haughty tyrants
And through him terminate the infidels and all the atheists
Wherever they are – in the east or west of the world.
On the lands or in oceans.
In plains or on mountains
Until you will not leave a single one of them
And you will not even leave a single trace of them

O Allah! alear up your lands from them
And heal your servants’ hearts from them.
And consolidate the faithful believers
And through him, revive the norms of the Messengers and the rules of the prophets that were obliterated.
And renew though him the signs of your religion that were erased and your judgments that were destroyed
Until you rekindle your religion through him and at his hands.
As well-defined , pure and sound as it is.
Free from loopholes and heresies
And until you illumine the murk of unfairness by means of his justice
And extinguish the fires of atheism though him
And elucidate the positions of truth and concealed justice
For he is verily your servant that you have saved for yourself
And you have chosen him for keeping the unseen matters of you
And you have protected him against sins
And you have cleaned him from any defect
And you have purified him from filth
And you have kept him away from dirt

O Allah! we will verily testify to him on the day of resurrection
And on the day when the overwhelming event
That he did not commit a single sin
Nor did he practice an unlawful thing
Nor did he do any act of disobedience
Nor did he miss any act of obedience (to Allah)
Nor did he violate any sanctified thing
Nor did he distort any precept
Nor did he change any law
And he is verily the guide and the rightly guided
The pure and the pious
The immaculate, the approved, the righteous

O Allah! give him what he wishes regarding his own self
And his family and his sons and his offspring and his nation and all of his subjects
All that which make him delighted
And all that which please him
And put under his sphere of influence all kingdoms
The near and the remote
The powerful and the weak
Until you cause his rule to prevail on every rule
And his right (issue) will overcome all wrong ones

O Allah! lead us , at his hands, to the course of guidance and to the greatest path
And the equitable way of life to which will come back (repentant) those who had gone too far and catch up those who had fallen down
And encourage u to carry out the acts of obedience to him
And make us stand firmly in following him
And us the favor of the adherence to him
And include us with his group who achieve his commands
And who are steadfast and who are seeking his pleasure by leading to him.
So that you will gather us on the resurrection day with his supporters
And his backers and those who consolidate his authority

O Allah! make us do all these things without any doubt or confusion
Or ostentation or seeking reputation
So that we will rely upon none save you
And we will seek none save your sake
And you will put us up in his vicinity
And you will place us with him in paradise
And protect us against weariness, laziness and lethargy
And include us with those whom you take up for backing your religion
And whom you take up for increase the victory of your saint.
And put not others in our places
For it is easy for you to put others in our places
But it is extremely difficult for us if you do it

O Allah! send blessing upon his representatives and on the leaders (Imams) after him
And fulfill their wishes
And increase their ages.
And support their victory
And make perfect for them that which props them in carrying out your will
And strengthen their pillars
And make us their helpers
And the supporters of your religion
For they are the sources of your words
And the treasures of your knowledge
And the pillars of (calling to) your Oneness
And the post of your religion
And the ones in authority of your command
And the choices of your servants
And the well-chosen ones among your creatures
And your saints and the offspring of your saints
And the selected descendants of your prophet
Peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon them and him.