Salamun alaikum,

Please find below some of the projects we have carried out. This could not have been possible without you generous donations and efforts in order to help these struggling brothers and sisters.

These are presented in order of latest projects.

Pictures and proof of all of the aid we have provided are available upon request. We have not included pictures here due to the sensitive nature of aid and because they contain pictures of sisters whom have not given their permission for their pictures to be displayed on the internet. To request any further evidence, please contact us on contact@imammahdiac.org

To be part of our ongoing efforts to provide emergency relief, please consider setting up a standing order if a minimum of £3.13 in the name of the Awaited Saviour of Humanity (ajtf) in the name of whom we are doing this very special work. Details of our bank account are available on our DONATE PAGE HERE


  • Repairs to Water Purifying System for Students of Hawzah 

  • Helping to Pay delayed rent payments and medical care for the mother of a sister in Lebanon

  • Marriage of 4 Orphan Sisters Pakistan

  • Marriage of 2 Orphan Syeda Sisters in Pakistan

  • Monthly Food packs for a widow sister in Pakistan including medical care and skin grafts for her 2 little girls who were burnt due to boiling water.

  • Food packs for very poor Syed families in Pakistan

  • School fees paid for a brother in Nigeria who would not have been able to take his exam for his final year if fees were not paid.

  • Helping a revert shia single mother of 2 with physical Disability in London

  • Paying the debt of a Syeda Sister in London

  • Winter clothes, school uniform and food packs for a Shia sister her son in Manchester. The sister is suffering from Neurological Disease

  • Food Packs for a sister and 2 young children who is in assisted accommodation due to fleeing from domestic abuse

  • Food packs for a jobless sister with  young daughter who is currently awaiting the right to remain in the UK

  • Winter clothes for an elderly shia revert sister in Ireland unable to work due to reoccurring health conditions after suffering from Cancer and unable to work consistently.


To see how you can join the campaign by helping us to provide emergency relief to brothers and sisters please visit our DONATE PAGE HERE

Please note: Please Do not set up a standing order through PayPal as some of you donation will be taken for PayPal fees.


May Allah (swt) reward you for your continued generosity.

May Allah (swt) be pleased with you and may the Imam of Our Time (ajtf) be attentive towards you.